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    What is GSociety?

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    The founders of GSociety met while actively playing on a network featuring a 1.13 "The Update Aquatic" SMP server. Like most people, we started by helping each other out with building and resource gathering, but soon began noticing the subtle issues that plagued the server, and indeed, the network hosting it. Things like a persistent non-player-count related lag, unfair ban system, and a general lack of caring about the wellbeing of the server all bubbled to the surface. The culmination of this was the removal of most Redstone devices on the server without any warning, and without return of the materials used to build them. Mind you this was not a collection of lag machines designed to slow the server down, but rather more mundane contraptions. Things like small sugar cane farms and an automated dam that let out a stream of water every few seconds were just wiped from the server and the areas they were in returned to nature. Staff was unapologetic, and affected parties told that they agreed to this by logging into the server in the first place. This was unacceptable.

    A plan was hatched to utilize existing skills to bring a new network online; one that would expressly accept feedback from players and strive to provide the best experience possible. A system that the owners would want to (and do) play on. Each server on GSociety will be hand-picked to serve a particular need or want. The first server we are rolling out is our Odyssey SMP (survival multiplayer). Subsequent servers will come to life as the network progresses and will feature ideas and concepts proposed by both staff and players.

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    Not open for further replies.