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    News Re: Solum SkyBlock Beta



    Staff member
    The Beta has pointed out some flaws in our current SkyBlock server setup. Most notably the Nether is not correctly functional, and the SkyBlock core we are using does not provide for individual Island settings (allowing visitors to use chests, for example).
    In light of this, we will be resetting and/or restructuring it. We want to know if you, as players, want to:

    A) stick with older versions of SkyBlock (1.12/1.13)
    B) move to 1.14

    It is possible to scheme out current islands and bring them to the new server. Likewise, we can carry forward /baltop without issue.

    We will be making a decision considering all input on Wednesday September 11th at 12:01AM EST, at which time Solum will go on whitelist and changes will be implemented. We plan on reopening on Saturday September 14th at 12:01AM EST (so as to avoid Friday the 13th).