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    First, let me introduce you to the Parvus server: 1.15.2 Survival Multiplayer! It is a small map (2k^2), so make your claims count! Free crate keys are sent out every 30 minutes, and all of the crates on this server are new and specific to Parvus. The Odyssey server is still going strong, so if you haven't logged in there in a while you should come in to refresh your claims!

    Infernal Mobs now on Parvus!

    Mobs will randomly become "infernal", then they will become mini bosses. They get a random amount of random powers, a name tag proclaiming them "infernal", and when they die they will drop random enchanted loot.

    /rtp now on Parvus!

    Use the /wild or /rtp commands to be teleported to a random spot in the world!

    There have been a few other behind the scenes updates to the Parvus server so come check it out!
    Not open for further replies.