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      News GSociety Recent Changes!

      First, let me introduce you to the Parvus server: 1.15.2 Survival Multiplayer! It is a small map (2k^2), so make your claims count! Free crate keys are sent out every 30 minutes, and all of the crates on this server are new and specific to Parvus. The Odyssey server is still going strong, so if...
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      News GSociety Changes - 09/24/2019

      Solum SkyBlock Updated pricing some /sell items. This is a work in progress, stay tuned for more updates Set minion limits: 5 for non-rank, 10 for Giant, and 10 extra at each rank until Titan which has 50 Fixed Seller minion so that it is selling items correctly now Worked on updating the Solum...
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      News GSociety Changes - 09/20/2019

      Good news! The Solum SkyBlock beta (after reset) is going great! I believe we are nearly feature-complete at this point, so stop by and check it out! Solum SkyBlock Added crates Voting enabled (votes credit keys on all servers) Updated server shop and /sell prices (this is a work in progress...
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      News Re: Solum SkyBlock Beta

      The Beta has pointed out some flaws in our current SkyBlock server setup. Most notably the Nether is not correctly functional, and the SkyBlock core we are using does not provide for individual Island settings (allowing visitors to use chests, for example). In light of this, we will be...
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      News GSociety Changes - 09/03/2019

      GSociety-Wide I can't remember if we made this public or not, but ranks and commands are now global instead of per-server. Any ranks or commands purchased will be eligible for this! * i am also leaving these posts unlocked going forward if you want to comment or ask questions Odyssey SMP...
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      News GSociety Changes - 08/24/2019

      This is a quick post to let everyone know how things are going. The move to the new server hardware has been fantastic. Loads are much much lower and the server is running a lot better. We have fixed some issues with some of the crates missing the 1.13 mobs (we were using a slightly outdated...
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      Important Downtime / Moving Odyssey

      The Odyssey server will be down for approximately 10 minutes starting at 7:00PM EST while we move the server to new hardware At the same time we will reboot all of the proxy servers Barring any unforeseen issues, access will resume at approximately 7:10PM EST
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      Important Spawner Issues and Resolution

      Due to a recent plugin update, there is an issue that results in ANY previously obtained spawner turning into a pig spawner. This does not affect spawners that have already been placed or any that have been acquired since August 12th. To help the player base and fix any issues that may arise, we...
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      News GSociety Changes - 08/12/2019

      Odyssey SMP Replaced SilkSpawners plugin ^^^ This change re-introduced 1.13 mob spawners in crates! Adjusted sell-to-server prices. You can now /sell iron axes and totems of undying Adjusted drop rate on spawner crates Removed cooldown on special tools (3x3 pick axe, 3x3 shovel, etc...) Updated...
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      News GSociety Changes - 07/26/2019

      Odyssey SMP Replaced the player shops plugin Replaced the chairs plugin (sitting on stairs and carpet) Replaced the entity stacking plugin and config Added an auto-restart daily around Midnight EST Added coordinates display on death Performance tweaks
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      News GSociety Changes - 07/22/2019

      Odyssey SMP Performance tweaks Added void damage to nether roof
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      News GSociety Changes - 07/17/2019

      Odyssey SMP * Replaced entity stacking plugin * Enabled land claiming in the nether * Updated plugins * Performance tweaks
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      News GSociety Changes - 07/15/2019

      Odyssey SMP * Formatting changes to nick/prefix/suffix displayed in chat * Restored version compatibility from 1.8 to 1.14+ * Adjusted sell-to-server values for several items * Adjusted command cool downs per-rank * Removed unused plugins
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      Iron Golem Spawners

      Iron Golem spawners do not like being placed in the air. Previously, you could put an IG spawner up in the air and have them drop down into a pool of water to be washed up against lava or magma blocks. This type of farm still works, you just have to place the spawners in the rock layer where...
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      News Supporting up to 1.13.2 right now

      Hey everyone, just a quick post to let you know what is going on. We have successfully launched, but encountered a problem with one of the plugins we have been leaning on to provide Minecraft client compatibility. As a result we have disabled that plugin until the author provides another update...
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      What is GSociety?

      The founders of GSociety met while actively playing on a network featuring a 1.13 "The Update Aquatic" SMP server. Like most people, we started by helping each other out with building and resource gathering, but soon began noticing the subtle issues that plagued the server, and indeed, the...