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    GSociety Official Rules
    **Please note: This page will be updated over time
    as the server grows and changes - updates
    will be noted in the "Announcements" page.

    Last Updated: 7/16/2019
    Network Rules
    AFK'ing is allowed on GSociety Servers. Auto Clickers, Macros or Scripts are not allowed, whether AFK or not.
    Warning/Ban (Increasing severity)
    Spamming/Excessive Caps

    Sending a high volume of the same or similar message in chat, pm or party chat. Sending a message consecutively within a short period of time. Character spamming, or using more than 10 caps in a sentence consecutively.

    Warning/Mute (Increasing severity)
    Griefing any Claimed area is NOT allowed. Griefing includes, but is not limited to: Stealing Items; breaking blocks; placing blocks; placing lava/water inside or outside a claim. If an area is not claimed, you may grief/steal/raid. Once an area is unclaimed anyone may Claim it.
    Warning/Ban/Permanent Ban (Increasing severity)
    Putting a player in a place from which they can’t escape, such as portal trapping, or TP trapping. Teleporting a player to a place where they are intentionally hurt or die. Killing a player by teleporting them to a place that is PVP enabled, without informing them.
    Warning/Ban/Permanent Ban (Increasing severity)
    Creating fake/fraudulent items to sell to other players for in-game currency or items.
    Warning/Ban & Loss of Renaming Perms (Increasing severity)
    Threatening players/staff/the server in any way will not tolerated. Any threats made will be considered serious and real. Severe and immediate action will be taken depending on the nature of threat.
    Ban(min 30 days)/Permanent Ban (Increasing severity)
    Hateful/Offensive Language
    Be respectful of all other players. The use of racist or sexist terms will not be tolerated on this server, including, but is not limited to: Name calling; racial profiling; racial slurs; etc. Extreme religion- or politics-related messages will also not be tolerated. To make things simple, if you wish to have a political or religious conversation, take it to a private discord or similar non-GSociety-affiliated area.
    Mute (30 days)/Permanent Mute. (Increasing severity)
    Mods & Hacked Clients

    Here on GSociety we will review any Requested Minecraft Mods to see if they will be allowed.

    Currently allowed mods include: Optifine, LabyMod* (Note: LabyMod has been known to have privacy issues. Use at your own risk.)

    The use of hacks or any Minecraft clients that allow for hacks such as Xray, KillAura, Speed Boost, Anti Knockback etc. as well as any auto scripts, including but not limited to Auto-Join, Auto-Mine, Auto-clicker, etc. are not allowed.

    To request others, please use the Suggestions Page in the Forums for us to review.

    Ban/Permanent Ban (Increasing severity)
    Inappropriate Content
    The discussion of NSFW Content is not allowed on our servers or in the Public Discord Channels. This includes but is not limited to: Sex, Porn, Drugs and similar illegal substances, etc. Encouraging Suicide, and self-harm are not allowed.
    Inappropriate Content in Chat:
    Mute/Permanent Mute (Increasing severity)
    Inappropriate Content in Builds:
    Warning/Permanent Ban (Increasing severity)
    Inappropriate Content in Item Names:
    Warning/Ban & Loss of Renaming Perms (Increasing severity)
    Inappropriate Content in Skins/Names:
    Warning/Permanent Mute/Ban (Increasing severity)
    Harassment is when you have been asked to cease communication with a player and you persist. If you are asked to leave someone’s claim and you do not.
    Mute/Mutual Ignore/Ban (Increasing severity)
    Bug and Glitch Exploitation
    Finding a bug or glitch and using it to your advantage. All bugs or glitches discovered should be reported to staff immediately here. This includes, but is not limited to: Economy, Land Claim, Premium Features, Flying, etc.
    Warning/Permanent Ban (Increasing severity)
    Alternate Accounts
    The use of a second account is permitted on GSociety, however we limit you to one (1) alt per player.
    Warning/Ban/Permanent Ban(Increasing severity)
    Ban & Mute Evasion
    Accessing GSociety servers while banned is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to access using: Alternate Accounts, VPN’s, etc. Ban Evasion will not be tolerated and will result in permanent IP banishment from the server. Likewise, attempting to get around a mute in chat will not be tolerated.
    Ban Evasion:
    Ban/Permanent IP Ban (Increasing severity
    Mute Evasion:
    Permanent Mute/Ban (Increasing Severity)
    Staff/Player Impersonation

    The use of nicknames to impersonate a player or to impersonate a staff member in ways that include, but are not limited to: Staff Ranks, Staff names, or fake staff ranks from other servers. This also includes telling players you are a member of the staff team when you are not.

    **Please note that multiple violations of this rule will result in the removal of permissions (such as /nick).

    Warning/Permanent Mute/Ban (Increasing severity)

    The intentional stating of any Server, IP Address or Website in any chat platform on our server, forums or discord, with the intent of taking players from our server is prohibited.

    Posting external links which includes, but is not limited to: YouTube Channels, Websites, Twitch Streams, etc without staff permission is prohibited.

    Warning/Permanent Mute/Ban (Increasing severity)

    Here at GSociety we do not refund purchases made on our store. Your purchase is final when you agree to our TOS. Pursuing a chargeback or refund will result in your permanent banishment from our servers even if you do not get your money back.

    Please fill out a form here for ban appeal consideration for Chargebacks.

    Permanent Ban

    Your actions will be defined as toxic when you are riding the fine line between breaking and not breaking the rules, or repeatedly breaking the rules.

    Actions such as being continuously rude, bullying players, excessive swearing, challenging staff, abusing abilities and trash talking the players/staff/server in any way will not tolerated.

    GSociety Staff will use their discretion as to what immediate action is warranted based on the severity of your Toxicity.

    **Please note that if you are Banned/Muted for Toxicity, you will be unable to appeal.

    Ban/Permanent IP Ban from the GSociety Servers, Discord and Forums. (Increasing severity) No Appeals.