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    1. Elijahandskip

      YouTuber Role in Discord

      Title says it all. I am thinking about coming back to play Gsociety. Suprisingly, my video did very well, so I want to make another soon. In July, I suggested the YouTuber title for in game, but this would just be for discord. Just a role with no special perms except "Display role members...
    2. Elijahandskip

      Titan Rank Giveaway

      Title is the suggestion. If the staff want to do a Titan Rank GIveaway, I can make a video about it to advertise it some.
    3. Elijahandskip

      Placing boat at spawn? Real suggestion

      ok. Sorry about the bump message.
    4. Elijahandskip

      Drowned farm

      I think they still do drop them. Not sure though.
    5. Elijahandskip

      GSociety Video

      Also in the Description of the video, I added my Discord server. The server is where I will be doing giveaways. If interested you can join it.
    6. Elijahandskip

      Vindicator's Stacking

      What is your in-game name? Elijahandskip ● Is this a server, website, or discord bug? Server bug ● What is the bug? Vindicators are stacking perfectly, but when I kill 10 of them, I get the drops and exp of 1. ● Are you able to recreate the bug? If so how do we recreate the bug? Yes, the...
    7. Elijahandskip

      Discord Suggestions.

      The channel would let the YouTubers (Me and any others that record on the server) or Twitch streamers to post their videos in it instead of just posting it in the #General or the #odyssey-smp channels.
    8. Elijahandskip

      Placing boat at spawn? Real suggestion

      Just curious if this was considered? I haven't heard back on it after a while.
    9. Elijahandskip

      Idea #1

      Lock this please staff. The plugin isn't needed as we have the vote crates system on the server.
    10. Elijahandskip

      Kit Food

      Staff can lock this. Everyone Is nice and since it is survival, a kit food isn't needed.
    11. Elijahandskip

      GSociety Video

      I made a video on Gsociety. Please like the video and subscribe! -Thanks.
    12. Elijahandskip

      Discord Suggestions.

    13. Elijahandskip

      Discord Suggestions.

      Can we add a "Media" Channel to the discord?
    14. Elijahandskip


      Thanks. Lock Please.
    15. Elijahandskip


      Is there a world border?
    16. Elijahandskip


      I finally got my first spawner!!! IT IS VINDICATOR!!!
    17. Elijahandskip

      Good. First Video on YouTube has 112 views! :D Channel link...

      Good. First Video on YouTube has 112 views! :D Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyY25JIPdzpfl743p_QLwOA
    18. Elijahandskip

      Coordinates board

      Hi server, this is your server you tuber, Elijah and Skip gaming hi server, this is your server a YouTuber, Elijahandskip Gaming. I endgame have be going out of coordinate board with everyone’s claims. I am also going to start one on the forum and ask if people would please put their x and z...
    19. Elijahandskip

      Placing boat at spawn? Real suggestion

      So my suggestion is to allow players to be able to place boats at spawn. Backstory to this suggestion is this: So I had a friend join the server today. And he wanted to live near me. The closest way to my base was about 1200 blocks from spawn by boat. I boated into this Spawn area and was...
    20. Elijahandskip


      Staff please ignore this and lock this thread please. Someone already explained to me that they are phantoms sorry to bother you with this post.