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    Post launch Sale


    Hello everyone!

    We are excited to have launched and want to pass that excitement off to you as well with a Launch Sale of 50% off on Ranks, Rank upgrades, and Commands!

    This sale will be in effect until 7-31-19!​

    Supporting up to 1.13.2 right now

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    Hey everyone, just a quick post to let you know what is going on. We have successfully launched, but encountered a problem with one of the plugins we have been leaning on to provide Minecraft client compatibility. As a result we have disabled that plugin until the author provides another update.

    We will still be supporting versions from 1.8 to 1.13 during this period.

    Launch Announcement


    Welcome to


    We will be launching on 7-6-19 between 9am and Noon EST!

    With our first (1.13.2) SMP server Odyssey!

    Your Own Unkempt Raft,
    One Day You Set Sail Eyes Yearning,
    Brave Explorer Grab Influence Never Surrender!


    Key features

    PvE and PvP zones!- PvE zone is 5,000 blocks in each direction from spawn. after that, the rest of the world is the PvP zone!

    Economy - Balanced sell to the server economy. You can also sell your items on the /ah

    Voting- Vote for our server here to gain rewards from our crates!

    World borders at... There is no artificial world border on Odyssey!

    Crazy tools- Sell wands, shovels, and pickaxes.

    Chairs- allows players to sit in chairs.

    Ranks- 5 Ranks!

    Claim system

    How do claims work?

    You will start with 100 Claim Blocks and earn them at a rate of 100 per hour. The maximum earned this way is 10,000. If you would like more than 10,000, you can obtain more claim blocks from our store here.
    Start out your claim by placing a single chest, that will claim a 10x10 area in which you will be able to expand with a golden shovel.
    Claims expand down to bedrock automatically.

    Do claims expire?

    Any Unimproved claim made by a chest is automatically deleted after 7 days!
    Any shovel created claim that is Unimproved is automatically deleted after 14 days!
    Any claim that is improved (built upon) is protected for 60 days of inactivity.
    If you own a total Claim Block balance of at least 12,500 then your claims will be protected for the...

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    Good. First Video on YouTube has 112 views! :D Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyY25JIPdzpfl743p_QLwOA
    AlwaysRoudy wrote on Elijahandskip's profile.
    Welcome to GSociety!!
    One week into my Odyssey adventure:

    Just started a villager breeder, hoping to make a full villager trading hall as soon as I can.

    Blaze Xp grinder up and running, providing unlimited experience.

    Crafting room set up.
    Llamas continually spawning.
    Cave spider grinder deactivated.
    Tropical fish are my current food source. Sushi, yummy.
    Alan72104 wrote on terdbird's profile.
    Hello. -Alan72104
    On the 9th of June, 2019, the adventure begins.

    Goals: Baltop page 1/server domination.
    I suck at PvP so this unlikely to happen, but a guy can wish right?

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